I draw and paint from direct observation, using information that comes from my immediate experience of seeing. It is the life, clarity and presence of information in the moment that informs my creative process.

My choice of subjects is aligned to the seasons as much as personal inclination. In the summer months I am primarily a plein-air-painter, painting landscapes on location. During the winter months, I work predominantly from the human figure in interiors. One of my chief aims is to convey how the surrounding environment influences and supports objects and also how the presence of the object affects the surrounding environment; this reciprocal interaction has both physical and psychological aspects that enliven the visual reading of my drawings and paintings.

The value of my work is not merely found in the convincing representations of people, objects or places, but also in its ability to convey perceptions of space that are visually dynamic and unified. In turn, I hope my work serves to enhance the viewer's own perception of space, not only while looking at it, but also as they view the world around them.